Book a Performance!

Monstrous is a 70 minute performance for one actor that has been created as an accordion show, which means it can grow or get small depending on the type of venue or situation. So please book the version that suits your event and your venue. In each case the playwright-performer is also available to do a talk-back discussion or facilitate a workshop, so please don’t hesitate to request that in your booking.

  1. Mini-Monstrous is the portable, tourable version in which Sarah fits all the props and costumes for the whole show into a suitcase that then becomes the set. Mini-Monstrous is suitable for house-concerts, church halls, classrooms, corporate events, rehearsal studio spaces. All Sarah needs from you is a music stand, a stool or chair, and a power source.
  2. Very-Monstrous has been built and rehearsed for typical theatre venues and comes with all the bells and whistles. Very-Monstrous requires a technician, a tech booth, theatre sound and lighting (house hang), a projector and projection screen, and a playing area of 20 x 20 including a stool and a music stand. Room to dance!

Please contact us at to book a show!


Sarah Waisvisz in Monstrous, Feb. 2016 at undercurrents festival. Photo credit by Andrew Alexander

3 minute Trailer video by Andrew Alexander:


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